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In 1996, Chandra Cashew Imports & Exports Pvt.Ltd was established, with Mr. Dinesh Chandran managing the company effectively and satisfactorily under his father's guidance. Initially, the company primarily engaged in job work for established firms.

From the year 2000 onwards, the company's products made their way into international markets through direct export, leading to a rapid growth in turnover with an annual increase of approximately 25%.

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Premium Quality

Our high-quality cashews undergo thorough inspection, ensuring crunchiness and a promise of wholesome goodness.

Organic Farm

We source our cashews organically from top-tier, handpicked farms in Africa. Our cashews contain no preservatives or chemicals.

Trusted Partner

Having accumulated 27 years of expertise, we've earned the reputation of being a reliable and trusted partner in the industry.

About Cashew

Cashew, the edible seed or nut of ancacardium occidentale, a polygamus Tropical and sub-tropical evergreen was first discovered by the Spanish explorers in the region known as stste of marahao in Northern Brazil.The name cashew coms from the Tupi-India tribe of Brazil "acaju".

The cashew nut is a popular snack, and its rich flavor means that it is often eaten on its own, lightly salted or sugared. Cashew nuts, like all nuts, are an excellent source of protein and fiber. They are rich in mono-unsaturated fat which may help protect the heart. Cashew nuts are also a good source of potassium, B vitamins and folate. They contain useful amounts of magnesium, phosphorous, selenium and copper. Eating cashe may also reduce your risk of getting Colon Cancer.Olympic Gold runner Kelly Holmes revealed to the BBC that cashews were the secret to her success .Adding Cashews to any dish is a great way to add taste and important nutrients to your diet.

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